1991 Nissan Pathfinder

Transmission problem
1991 Nissan Pathfinder 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 275000 miles

Hi, I recently replaced the starter on my 91 pathfinder; someway I must have caught something on the shifter linkage that goes into the transmission and pulled it out about an inch. I pushed it back in and went about finishing my starter instal. When I tried to start the car it would not start in park. I went to pull the shifter to N andit it would not click into the gears. In the approximate neutral position the truck started but was in drive and would not change out of that gear. Suspecting that I had slid the lever back in the wrong position I went back under the car pulled it out again to see if there was another position that it would fit. It did slide in easily with a slightly more forward angle but now when starting it is in reverse with the same shifter feel.
September 12, 2009.

HI there,

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Undo the selector rod and manual select park on the transmission, don't touch the selector in the cabin, with the transmission in park check that the tail shaft is locked. Now select park in the cabin, tighten up the selector at the box and check that the selector in the cabin indicates all gears selected.

Mark (mhpautos)

Sep 12, 2009.
Hi thanks, did as you said but selector won't go through the gears. Kind of a springy feel when trying to pull out of park. I did not try to start it but the tailshaft must have free'd when I pulled it out of park as the vehicle rocked a little on it's blocks.
Any other thoughts?

Sep 17, 2009.
Hi Mark, thanks but still batting " 0". Truck will start now in park, shifter lever will pull down but no matter how far stays in reverse. When I returned it back to park the engine still seems to be slightly loaded, meaning the engine idles as if in gear however the car does not move.


Sep 19, 2009.