1993 Nissan Other

I recently purchased a replacement timming chani kit for my 93 nissan pu 2.4l 4cl 12 valve 2wd ka24e engine. The kit contained both main and cam sprockets, chain, left and rght guides and tensioner and all seals for fromt cover. The main cam sprocket was ok after instalation stayed at tdc bur per the haynes manual the cam sprocket timing mark was to be on the right side 3: 00 and the dowel slot was suposed to be at 12: 00. It also stated to not turn cam because the valves would hit the piston crowns. Now engine turns but will not start. It is completely assembled. Does the Cam sproket have to be set where they said?
Ken dietz
January 25, 2006.

It doesnt sound like you had engine in corect position. Take cover back off where you can see the timming marks and spin over 2 full turns. #1 may have been up but not on firing stroke.

All should line up exactly as the manuel says.

Sc1 racing
Jan 25, 2006.
If I place the crank pulley on the timming mark at TDC would I just be able to remove the valve cover remove the timming chain from the cam shaft sprocket and turn the camshaft sprocket untill the timming mark and dowell slot are at the position indicated in the Haynes manual of the dowell pin at the 12: 00 position and sprocket timing mark at the 3: 00 position? The roter was pointing at the #1 spark plug position.

Ken dietz
Jan 26, 2006.