Nissan Maxima

I have been having a winding/whirring/buzzing noise coming from the engine of my 98 maxima. The Local Firestone shop couldn't find the problem, then thought it was a pulley, and replaced the pulley, but that didn't fix it.

I took it to a dealer and they said it was the power steering pump, but wanted $895 to replace it. The Firestone place said they could replace it for $395, so I let them do it.

The problem is that that didn't fix the noise. The Firestone guy said that a new power steering pump will make noise for a few hundred miles, until the " seals get broken-in", or something like that. However, it has been a week, and the noise is getting worse.

So, my questions are: is the Firestone guy full of it when he says it is normal for the new pump to make noise? &Amp; if so, what could the noise be? - Could a bad install of the pump (leaving air in the line, etc.) Cause the noise?
May 28, 2006.

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