Nissan Maxima

99 Nissan Maxima, 125,000 miles. I had the brake pads and rotors changed, front and rear. The parking brake worked fine before it went to the shop. When I picked it up, the brake handle comes all the way up and the parking brake does not work anymore. I brought it back and the shop says the cable is stretched and it will require a new cable, $300-400 job (on top of the $450 job for new brakes and rotors). Does the brake repair they did have anything to do with the parking brake now being broken or is it just a bad coincidence? I appreciate any insight. Thanks
January 17, 2006.

I Think They Didn t make a good job!

That car (like mine) Has disc brakes on the four wheels, and its kind of tricki adjusting the parking brake, but, it can t be that expensive, it just be the adjustment, because it was good before!

Or its their fault and they broke the cable or they didn t adjusted good!

Hope it helps.

Sorry for my bad Inglish.

Manuel : )

Jan 17, 2006.
Thanks for the advice.

I really didn't know whether front/rear brake repair even involved messing with the parking brake and found it odd, that if the cable were simply " stretched", it would work fine when it went in and then completely not work when I picked it up.

I would have thought it would be a gradual " stretching". Plus, I read somewhere that if you do rear brake work, be sure the parking brake is off, and didn't know if maybe that's what happened. And if that would cause the parking brake to now not work.?

Jan 20, 2006.