2000 Nissan Maxima

2000 Nissan Maxima

My 00 Maxima had both CV boots repaired less than a year ago - when I started hearing the same 'banging' when I turned the wheel even slightly to the right, I took it in since it would still be under warranty. They told me that I have a power steering hose leak (which I knew and have done a good job of keeping that filled) and that it has leaked onto the rack and has caused the rubber parts on the rack to corrode a bit and that is what is causing the noise - total for new rack and PS hose - $1500.I plan on selling my car soon, so I didn't get it fixed and am trying to find less costly options. After talking to many friends, I hear that if it was the rack, it would be making noise if I turn the wheel either way - that they all think it's one of the CV boots. Am I getting ripped off?
April 10, 2010.

I would check the CV joint boots. And replace the cv joints/axles. Much easier and quicker the replacing the boot !

Dave H
Apr 11, 2010.