2000 Nissan Frontier

Air Conditioning problem
2000 Nissan Frontier 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 86000 miles

My A/C is blowing hot air. I have checked the relay. The wiring is showing a current and my compressor's clutch clicks and turns when the A/C is turned on. I recharged it and the charge only held for 3 days then started blowing hot air. I took it in to a shop, they ran a check and said there was no leak and that the compressor was running all the time like it was overcharging or something (had no idea what that meant). What do I do?

I have had the same thing. I have had to replace upper and lower A/C hoses over the past year. In fact I have replaced my A/C hoses about five times in the last eight years. I have had two different shops tell me that the A/C hoses on the frontier go out a lot your lucky if you get more then a year out of then.

Jun 17, 2008.