Nissan Altima

Please help! I have been to several mechanics and no one seems to have a clear answer--one said the rear brake shoes needed replacement, another said the struts. Every since my tires on my Nissan 2001 Altima (approx 99K) were rotated a couple of months ago, I have noticed a strange vibrating~sensation/noise. It seems to happen mostly in the evenings and when I am coming to a stop and the wheels are slightly turned. I don't know how else to describe this--it seems like it is getting worse, but after wheel balancing, another rotation, and brake checking ( I was told by several other mechanics that the front and rear brakes are within specs)-the problem continues. Please help me figure this out!
I am saddened because my baby is sick : cry:
Elle b.
October 24, 2006.

This is weird and may or may not help but. I to have a nissan and mine was doing the same thing and after same stuff you went through, nothing until one day I was driving and I heard this POP sound : shock: so I freak ! Long story short it ended up being the power steering pump. Who knows how that ended up but that wasn't even the half of it, I also needed a new axle, cv boots. Why wasn't I ever told this in the first place after useless trips to repair shops? : Twisted: Well I then had a mechanic comes to my house to replace all of this, which he did cheap if you buy own parts. NOW EVERYTHING IS FIXED RUNNIN GREAT BUT I CAN" T FREEKIN STEER WITHOUT USING TWO HANDS, NOW WHAT THE F : roll:

Oct 27, 2006.
Oh mY! : Roll: Thank you for the information! Ay yi yi.

Elle b.
Oct 30, 2006.