Nissan Altima

I had my Nissan Altima Serviced for white smoke while under warranty. They advised me my Oil was sludge and I needed a $150.00 MOC-OIL-FLUSH. I had no computer errors. I had fairly regular Oil service. I called about 3 weeks after the flush and told them the white smoke continued and they said not to worry it could take 6 months to a year to go away. I had 3 Oil changes since. I took it in this time for White Smoke and they drop me with, you need a new engine! They said my Oil was sludge and I should ask Firestone why they didn't warn me 3000 miles ago. I have gone off warranty between last changes. I called Firestone and their Senior Tech said, had there been a problem with the Oil, they would have seen it the second the plug was pulled. I tend to agree. Without any Low Oil pressure lights, heat lights or check engine lights this car has gone off warranty with what appears to be the same thing I brought in in for under warranty. Assuming it was cared for (I have only so many documents since the Florida hurricanes) What am I to argue with. The advisor told me that the computer was not reading the Oil Dip Stick. Well how long has that gone on? What am I to do? What should I request. Was it diagnosed correctly to begin with? During a check up for engine knock, they wanted to flush the Fuel Injectors. When I say I have a knock. Should they not read the computers at that point? I wasn't given any other information. Still no lights.
February 19, 2007.

OKAY MAN.U ARE REALLY IN BIG TROUBLE.I'M A NEW TECH HERE.2 DAYS ONLY.I don't usually do this but I am a professional mechanic and also a shop owner. And I hate these %@#$%$# %#$ shops that mal practice, rip off consummer, irresponsible. And thats what give us a bad public image. From what u described . The minute u had white. It is an idication u had a blown head gasket. Too little info u give. Call me and I'll walk u thru. Maybe we can nail these & * $%$ con
artist and hold em' responsible for ur damage and cost
ps: my shop is a member of better business bureau and I work on 70 % nissan. So no sweat man.I'll get u outta bind

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Kin chan
Feb 19, 2007.
Mr Chan

Any relationship with the Kung Fu funny man?
BTW welcome aboard and I'm looking forward to working with you here. Good Luck!

Feb 20, 2007.
Local dealer here in Daytona Holly-Hill. Ended up blaming it on me so I dumped the car just that quick. 33K miles and not a door ding, but, it was my bad care. I have since become an expert on White Smoke. The car was without doubt. MIS-DIAGNOZED in 05 and also when I made the follow call. They slapped a band-aide on a car with a heart problem and slowly. Ever so slowly. The car just deteriorated. I do do believe, it was in the heads with the possibility of a ring. But, of major concern was that they didn't ever advie me that it was most likely anit-freeze that had gotten in or the heads. Just *& & ** service and then crappy personal relationships. They are just too big for the little people. It's a shame. I lost thousands. THANKS. VERY MUCH! I loved that car.

Feb 21, 2007.
No sweat man.I'm the uncle of the kung fu expert jackie chan. Heh heh heh. Just kidding. As far as kung fu.I'm chinese. So is kinda genetic--> born with it. Heeeeeh heeeeh heeeh

Kin chan
Feb 23, 2007.