1997 Nissan Altima

I have a 97 Nissan Altima w/ 110,000 mi. When I start the car. The entire car starts to rattle. It calms a littlle whenI accelerate but its still does it. Also my temperature level rises to max level when the car is on but in park too long or when I stopped at a light but it gooes back ro norm when I accelerate how can I fixed this
December 29, 2006.

It may be a bad sensor. It may not.

If nothing else, I would take it to Auto Zone and get them to run a diagnostic on it (no idea the cost. Can't be much). And go from there.

After that- if you didn't get anywhere. I would take it to a small mechanic and they will usually check it out for free.

Good luck.

Jan 30, 2007.
Getting codes read is a good idea to help start the process. Autozone my do this, the do NOT diagnose nor are capable however. Need the codes, have suspicions but it's just acemic until then.