1997 Nissan Altima

My car never showed any starting or mechanical problems except for 1 day just would not start. The next day it started right up (twice) and third time again nothing. We have checked the battery and the starter both are good. As well as the Neutral safety Switch/Clutch Safety Switch. It has power which according to your FAQ's it would not be the switch or the ignition.

Please assist me in this most confused situation. What could it be?

Sherrie Litzenberger
Sherrie litzenberger
November 28, 2006.

Did you bench check the starter?

Are you sure that its good?

Sometimes the brushes on the starter are to worn and won`t make good contact, thats why sometimes its starting good, also check the " signal" that came from the ignition right at the starter.

Check that first

hope it helps.


Nov 29, 2006.
You're Right, that happened to me.

Dec 18, 2006.
Perform a voltage drop on the starting system.
Just would not start. Do you meant won't crank over or refuses to start. Won't crank over can be the starter itself-if it has a starter relay check that too.

Battery and Starter good-did you do a load test on the batt and a starter current draw on the starter to confirm these two items are good.

Dec 22, 2006.