1995 Nissan Altima

Electrical problem
1995 Nissan Altima 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 89XXX miles

I have two problems in my nissan altima that I would like to fix. There is oil in the ditributor cap. What could be the reason for this and how this can be fixed?

Intake boot is broken (as told by one mechanic). Where is this located? I would like to see/inspect this. And what is the best solution for this? The accelerator pedal is hard to push down. Could this be because of the broken intake boot?


February 24, 2009.

Here is your distributor.

There are two oil seals that prevent the oil from leaking out. They have failed and need replacing. If you have a good technician who has done distributor R&R, you can just purchase the O-rings and have him fix. If not, you need a new distributor.

Locate your air filter box. Intake boot is the rubber boot from the intake box to the throttle body. Over time, the rubber does get brittle and ripped. You can probably find one at the wrecking yard. Or, remove the entire piece out of the car, and do what I did. Get yourself a roll of electrical tape, and wrap the tape around the piece. Make it tight, nice and neat. By the time you are done, no one will suspect that it has been "ghetto-rigged".

If you follow the throttle cable to the end at the throttle body assembly, you may notice quite a bit of carbon build up. While the intake hose is being repaired, get yourself a can of throttle body cleaner and clean the TB assembly. Go inside the under by the gas pedal, spray some lithium grease to the pedal hinges.

And no, the pedal problem is from carbon build up. Has nothing to do with the intake.

Feb 25, 2009.