1997 Nissan 300ZX


My car had hard time starting and then it died on me on the road.

The mechanic tells me that I need a new Distributor and a tune up after that.

He claims the dist. Is around 300 (checked in Autozone = 200).
Is it true that I need a tune-up also after I install the dist. Or are they making false claims. After all I could just attach the distributor on my self.

February 6, 2007.

Do you have any OBD2 codes-If you don't know anything about valve and ignition timing don't. Deal with the Pros.

FYI Nissan's distributors anything wrong inside calls for replacement-check the ignition fuse if it has one.

Feb 7, 2007.

Feb 10, 2007.
It is very possible that it is your distributor. They are very easy to replace. Just make sure you put the #1 piston at TDC(top dead center), line up the timing marks before you remove it and you are good to go. I replaced mine in about 45 minutes on my 95 Nissaan Altima GXE. I had the same problem. The car would die on the road and I waited about an hr or so and it started back up. It could also be a manifold absolute pressure sensor. But take the advise of the prior. Ask the pros if your are unsure how to mess with these things. I am just an exprimenting mechanic. (Shade tree) although I have had success dong my own work. Never had to use the pros. Just mechanically inclined I guess. Good luck.

Feb 19, 2007.