1992 Nissan 240SX

I have a '92 Nissan 240sx and the clutch is stuck in the down position. You can pull it up but when you press on it it immediately snaps back down and stays down. I had noticed that the clutch seemed to be " sticking"
a bit when shifting, prior to this. And sometimes the car has been hard to shift into 1st and reverse. I tried adding clutch fluid but the clutch is still stuck down. Is this going to be expensive to fix or is it not a big deal? Thanks.

January 6, 2007.

Check the clutch slave, bleed it a few times-like bleeding the brakes. And try the clutch again-if its a no-go inspect the clutch M/C.

HTH- Good Luck!

Jan 7, 2007.
Have you checked for binding in the pedal linkage, cable, crossshaft, fork or pivot ball? A worn seal on your hydraulic system can also be a reason.

Mar 1, 2007.