1997 Nissan 200SX

Engine Mechanical problem
1997 NIssan 200SX 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 22000 miles

Car was going down the road slowed down to turn and engine died. Tried numerous times to start it back up. Checked fuel pump pressure 65 lbs, pulled dist cap found screw holding rotor button had fallen out. Fixed this replaced with new rotor button and screw. Dist cap did not look damaged. Checked number one position timing looks to be in order. Doesn't seem to be getting fuel to the cylinders. Injectors seem to be working. Does have spark in spark plugs. Oh yeah replaced them also. Any ideas to what controls the fuel? Does cam position sensor control this? Where is the cam position sensor?
January 11, 2009.

That fuel pressure is way sky high-check the fuel pressure regulator and for a clogged return line.

At idle with vacuum should be 34psi and without vacuum 43psi

Jan 11, 2009.