1985 Nissan 200SX

Air Conditioning problem
1985 Nissan 200SX 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 155000 miles

my 200sx doesn't have a/c but I want to put in a a/c system in.I went to ecology and took out the a/c system out of a 85 200sx. Is it possible to put in this a/c system into my non a/c 200sx car? What other parts do I need? Is the wiring harness I have in my car ok to use or do I have to use a different wiring harness (do I have to change or add wires)? I tied looking up this information but have had no luck via internet. Please help for I have no idea what needs to be done to convert my car into having a/c, which badly needs it. Do you have diagrams too? So I may be able to follow how to do it.
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August 7, 2010.

Hi juanfariasc,

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For the year model, the system should be R12 freon and depending on region, it requires qualified personnels to work on it.

If the system has not been retrofitted to R134A yet, then I would advise against doing the job as R12 system is in the final stages of being phased out and the freon is getting more and more expensive and it could be an offence to work on it if you ar not qualified.

On the system it should fti if the year and engine model are the dame.

The complete A/C consists of the following that is not in vehicle: 1. Compressor.
2. Evaporator.
3. Condenser.
4. Hoses.
5. Pipes.
6. Receiver drier.
7. Belt.
7. Crank pulley.
8. Control panel ( switches for A/C compressor etc)
9. Cooling fan.
10. Wiring harness and relays.

For some earlier models ( pre 90 year) some vehicles have underdash harnesses that have the complete system wiring in them and you need only to plug in and it would work, but this should be checked.
How ever it must be noted that for the A/C compressor, cooling fan and pressure switches in engine compartment, it has a separate harness that is not present in non A/C vehicles.

Aug 8, 2010.
Thank you. Do you have the diagrams so I can know where the relays, switches, and the harness are located.

Aug 8, 2010.
I have sent the diagram to you via email. Hope it is helpful.

Aug 8, 2010.
Thank you. It was very helpful.I called dealer and some other places to see if there have the harness but they dont. Would you know of a place that may have it?

Thank you

Aug 9, 2010.
Apart from the dealer, you can either try the junk yard or the A/C supplier.

Look at the brand of the compressor and call your local supplier to see if they cn help.

What about the vehicle you cannibalised the A/C from?

Aug 10, 2010.
The wires were cut off. What yrs. Will fit my 200sx in cause I find another 200sx in he junk yard?
Thank you once again

Aug 10, 2010.
From data available, the range should be 1984 to 1988. For 1984 and 1988 you need to confirm that the model is the same because early 1984 and late 1988 could be older or updated models.

Aug 11, 2010.
Thank you so much.U have been a big help.I had a family member check the wiring harness on the car which is in another state and he tells me that the harness contains the connections for the a/c system. Which is so cool because now I dont have to worry about wiring the car for the a/c.

Aug 12, 2010.
You're welcome.

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Aug 13, 2010.