2002 Dodge Intrepid • 103,630 miles

My Dodge Intrepid is overheating and I have no idea why.
My radiator was just replaced. Thought that was the issue because there was a hole in the side plastic. Radiator is now 2 weeks old, and I haven't driven the car because it still overheats.
My heater blows hot hot air so I don't think it is the thermostat not opening up. But then again the 02 Intrepid is supposed to have the thermostat on the cool side of the system, so I don't know if that would allow the heater to still work if the thermostat wasn't opening up. But I do believe that on my 02, since they some internet aritcles state that the design was changed, that the thermostat is on top. I had to replace the long water tube under the intake a couple years ago and I seem to remember the thermostat under the center housing.
There isn't any water in my oil, so the water pump seal is still good.
The car is running smoothly so I don't doesn't appear that the timing has jumped.
I am not sure if the catalytic converter is plugged, but the car has power.
Not sure if the TPS or wiring is bad.
And I don't know if the Temperature control valve would cause overheating if it was going bad.
Am in need of some serious input as to what could be causing my car to overheat.
I am car literate, so I will understand what you say.
Haven't been able to work for two weeks due to the car overheating, so if I get the answer that fixes the problem for my car, I will gladly donate then by submitting just a thank you note. Right now I can't let go of any money. Sorry. I should get points for being honest.
May 20, 2013.

Have the cooling system pressure checked for head gasket leak

May 21, 2013.
There isn't any water in the exhaust pipe. There isn't any water in the crank case. Cooling fans work. Radiator cap is good. Thermostat replaced, new radiator, no air in the system. So what else can you say?

May 24, 2013.
Just because you don't have water in those areas doesn't mean a head gasket isn't leaking. Then have you changed the tstat? I see no mention of that so try that. If you car sounds like a coffee percolator when it overheats then it is probably the tstat. But if rad has been changed and still overheats it can normally be the two ting I mentioned unless the impeller on the water pump spins on the shaft which is unlikely.

May 24, 2013.
Yes, the thermostat was replaced.

May 25, 2013.
My 01 was having that problem. I couldnt figure out why until a friend came over a few times. We found out the fans were not turning on due to a faulty coolant temp sensor. So he unplugged the sensor which in turn makes the fan run non stop. It has not over heated once since then.

May 29, 2013.