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After about 20min of driving and putting the car into park... i can smell something like rubber burning smell coming under the hood... a few times ive seen white smoke coming under the Valve Cover..... i noticed this was happening about 4 months ago.... just 2 days ago there was alot of smoke coming out.. even when hood was closed... i havent seen it since... i noticed this was happening ever since i got my valve cover, timing belt and water pump changed.... that was about 4 months ago....

heres a pic hope it helps a little...

my car is a 99 mitsubishi eclipse n/t
February 18, 2006.

Gaskets are pieces of polycarbonate. Or aluminum material that is used to seal up air, fuel, coolant, or oil lines in a car. AIr in take WILL NOT CAUSE SMOKE. An oil seal in the cylinder head will cause smoke. If you choose to replace your head gasket. GO to A DEALERSHIP. Mom and Pop repair shops do shity work and take to long and do not have the right skills to preform the job. I replaced my Intake and Exhuast vavles and had the same problem. The situation was my Valve cover need a new rubber seal to prevent Positive Crankcase gases from escaping the valve area of my engine. Number 2 the reason your valve cover is immitting smoke is due to bad timming belt. Exhaust valves are not opening fast enough to allow exhaust to be released into the exhaust manifold.
I own a GST eclipse and I work at a auto parts store here in Seattle WA.

Mar 9, 2006.
Thx man.

Mar 9, 2006.
Thx for the info but how can you tell if its a bad timming belt?

Can a bad timing belt cause not so good gas miliage? I get about 250miles on 45 litres.

Apr 8, 2006.
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