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I have recently purchased a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipe RS.
It has 87,000 miles and was wrecked and repaired.
The Parking lights, Both turn signals, and center wing brake light do work. I have checked all bulbs, fuses and the Brake switch, all good. I have tracked the wiring all the way to the dash and found no shorts.
I have read about the turn signal switch going bad, but the turn signals work. What could cause the brake lights not to work.
May 23, 2007.

Your saying the turn signals don't work in the 1st paragraph, and do work in the second. Please clarify what is not working.

Tail lights-rear, parking lights front, licence plate lights, left and right brake lights, 3rd brake light, marker lights?

YES the Parking lights work, Yes Both Turn Signals work, Yes the Third Brake Light (In the Wing) works, Yes the Lisince plate light works. I have checked the Brake switch, Yes it works. All the fuses and bulbs are good.

May 24, 2007.
Sorry, I misread, too much cabernet savignon. Let me look at the diagram.

Behind the center of the dash is a flasher unit that the power branches off from the brake light switch. One branch continues to the 3rd brake light that works, and the two "combination" lights are powered off the second branch that goes through the flasher unit. Based on this I would be most suspicious of the flasher unit, but you can test for power to prove it or try the flasher.

Thank you for you assistance Service Writer.
Tha Hazard lights do Blink.
But I will check the unit with my volt meter.
I will let you know what I find.

May 24, 2007.
Looking at your diagram and the Hazard unit under the dash.
The unit under the dash has 1- black wire(Ground),
1- Green/Orange strip wire that shows 12 volts only when the Hazard switch or the turn signal switch is turned ON. And 1- green/Yellow strip wire that only shows 12 volts as the unit clicks.
There is only the 3 wires. Your diagram shows ten wires pluged in to it. Is this the same as mine.
Plus if the Hazard unit is clicking and producing power, Isn't it OK?
I'm stumped with this issue of the brake lights not working and I appreciate you taking the time to help me.

May 24, 2007.
Your welcome on the help, I hope You solve this.
This diagram " should" be yours. Experience tells me " should" is not always " is". Being a service writer, I research and provide info. Sometimes it makes sense to me and other times I feel as though I should be able to logic it out. This is one of those that I wish I could go to the next step. Electrical is not my strength. I see what your saying, but can't provide the answer.

There are some excellent Mods that may be able to jump in on this. If not, browse through the staff site and send a PM to one of them. My guess is that 2carproJack or Razmataz may join it. Both can take you further.

The clicking means the relay is switching. The green/yellow does come from the turn signal switch and the ground is also common on this. I wish I could provide more help.

Ok now I'm stumped.
I just put a new turn signal switch and the brake lights still don't work.
So now I have checked the Fuses(Good), bulbs(Good), Brake switch(Good), Hazard/turn signal unit(Good), and turn signal switch(Good). I have tracked the wires from the Brake switch to the mass bundle of wires under the dash and from the rear lights to the mass bundle of wires under the dash and found no breaks. But the brake lights still don't work.
I don't know what else to check!

May 25, 2007.
It sounds like you have done everytihing right. The only thig that is left is a wire broken down some where in the harness the wire could be damaged inside and you would never see it. You may have no choice but to run your own wire to get them to work. I had to do that on my F-150.

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May 31, 2007.