1999 Mitsubishi Other

Warranty problem
1999 Other Mitsubishi Models V8 Front Wheel Drive Manual 46000 miles


18 months ago I brought my son a mitsubishi colt 1.3 - x reg 1999. Everything has been fine until recently when the car developed a fault. We took it to the mitsubishi dealership for repairs.
The car was diagnoised with the pulleycrank shaft working its way loose and damaging the engine. The cost of repairs was quoted at £2000. After some 'discussion' we received the car back after £150 bill with the engine still stripped. I have recently checked the vosa website and found the car had a recall in 2002 with this very fault R/2001/168. I am not sure were we now stand. As we did not own the car at the time of the recall. The recall problem has caused damage in the engine.

Any advice or thoughts would be helpful.


April 22, 2009.

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