1988 Mitsubishi Other

Interior problem
1988 Other Mitsubishi Models 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Manual 174000 miles

I just sold an old Mitsubishi Mighty Max and between the time that it was sold and the day he came to pick it up, someone broke the passenger side window. I have been unable to locate an 88 at any local wrecking yard, so I'm wondering if any of the other years would have a compatible window. Would any other years have a compatible window? If so, which years?
July 31, 2010.

Hello .. thanks for the donation .. much appreciated

Vehicle years 1983 to 1986 with the same body type .. should fit your vehicle .. I would check Online auction sites

Dave H
Jul 31, 2010.
So years 83 - 86 will have the same window as an 88? But an 87 won't?

The chart with the red arrows on it shows 87 and 88 lumped together, not 83 - 86 and 88. I realize I'm not genius when it comes to cars, but that just seems strange to me.

So, no years after 88 will have a matching window? No Dodge Ram 50 during that timeframe will either?

I greatly appreciate your help and am sorry to ask so many questions. I'm just having a hard time understanding your answer.

Aug 2, 2010.
I was trying to say that these years 83 - 88 will fit your vehicle.

Dave H
Aug 15, 2010.