2002 Mitsubishi Montero

Shakes or Wobbles problem
2002 Mitsubishi Montero 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 150, 00 miles

My car vibrates as if going over a grooved surface @ 35-40mph. It's like the car is pulling or the tires are stuck. It definately feels like going over a grooved surface. The vibration is felt at the front of the car. I can feel it under my feet. Only does this @ 35-40mph once I get past 45mph the vibration stops.
April 6, 2010.

Hi charris40,

Thank you for the donation.

At the speed concerned, vibrations are usuallty due to bad propeller shaft U-joints. Check them for wear or stiffness.

Apr 6, 2010.
My wifes 1999 montero sport did the exact same thing at around 35-40 mph. From my research I found that it was due to the torque converter I believe. The solution was to have the transmission flushed and refilled with a certain transmission fluid. Another solution I found was to put 1 tube of Dr. Tranny Instant Sudder Fixx in the transmission. I tried the tube of shudder fixx first since it was cheaper and I figured that if it didnt work I could have the transmission flushed then. Well, it has been about 8 months since I put the shudder fix in and I havent felt the vibrations since. Its worth a try.

Apr 19, 2010.