2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Noises problem
2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse 6 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 41.000 miles

Ongoing dealer service problems.
Car very quiet for sports (V6) vehicle which is why I
bought it. Put-put-put noise getting louder.
Also black soot coming from muffler.
Dealer service says no problem. What can I do?

Thanks again. Nancy
June 23, 2009.

Sounds like the dealer isn't taking your concerns seriously. The black soot is a symptom of a rich mixture. How is the performance?

When has the last carbon cleaning procedure been done on it?

Performance is o.K. Just noisy muffler & that soot.
Don't know that " carbon cleaning" has ever been done. Don't understand.
What should service do to stop muffler noise (only 42K miles) / leak?
What shopuld I ask for to get " carbon" problem solved?

Thanks a bunch. Nancy

Jun 29, 2009.
So if I understand you, the car is Too quiet for you?

Jun 29, 2009.
No. The car is noisy (muffler noise). I do not want this.
It was not noisy until a few months ago and is getting increasingly noisier.
I refuse to drive a noisy car and cannot understnd why it is noisy now yet wasn't until recently.
The service folks have said that " getting noisier" over time is normal as the muffler wears down. Is that
the truth?

Jun 29, 2009.
Sometimes the internal part called the baffle comes loose from an internal weld/crimp that holds it in place, test drive an new one with the same engine and see if it sounds the same if not, bring the salesman to your car and tell him to listen to the difference, I did it at hyundai, I had a rap in the engine they told me was normal, I told them to bring ANY other Sonanta to me and have it make that sound, they then agreed to replace the engine, it had 7000 miles on it! I now drive Lincoln town cars again! Happy!

Jun 29, 2009.
I didn't mean the carbon cleaning would fix the noise, but was trying to reference the black coming out.

This is one carbon cleaning procedure:

There are others such as a motorvac service or air induction service.

On the noise I agree with Mike...
There are different grades of mufflers available some are throaty and some are not. Specify this concern if you are going to change it.

I knew what ya meant SW! I did Mifflers for a few years, seen it all.

Jun 30, 2009.
LOl.I wasn't talking to you.I knew you knu.

HAH, I like easy money posts heh heh.

Me too bro!

Jun 30, 2009.