2003 MG ZR

Electrical problem
2003 MG ZR Manual

I currently have a 2003 MG ZR and have had some recent problems with my locking and alarming system. Not long ago I tried to open my car with my remote key fob (square with two buttons) and the drivers door opened but not the passenger door. Then when I tried to start the engine I got a loud beeping sound and the car would not start. I assumed this was the immobiliser so I pressed one of the buttons on my remote key fob whilst it was in the ignition. The beeping stopped and I could now start the car with no problems. However this was the case for some time before having the car looked at. (The immobilser came on every time I tried to start the car and the passenger door would not unlock, not even manually!)

When I eventually got the car looked at I was told that my passenger side central locking motor needed replacing. Having the wiring taken out from this stopped the immobiliser from going off every time I tried to start the car and the passenger door would now lock and unlock (manually). I could now use my remote key fob to unlock and lock my car (not the passenger door) but when I went to unlock my car the other day the alarm went off and the same beeping sound came back but this time I could not resolve the problem like I did before. The alarm kept going on and off for about 10 minutes until it stopped completely. Now the key fob has no recognition with the car what so ever. I can still lock the car with my key but the car will not start. All I get now is the same beeping noise I had before.

Do you have any suggestions or advice on what the problem could be

June 2, 2010.

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