2001 MG ZR

Engine Mechanical problem
2001 MG ZR 4 cyl Front Wheel Drive Manual 80000 miles

i left my mgzr 160vvc kseries parked for two months obviously the battery was flat I tried my booster box which I found only had enough charge to disarm the immobilizer and not the car. Any how I tried jumpstarting my car with a van but when I connected the leads to the van my horn started sounding I took them streight of and tried again but this time when I went to turn ignition on the car being jumped I can turn key to start position and nothing happens not even a click from the starter motor. Cud a knacked battery cause this or should it still atleast turn over with jumpleads on. Any help would be much grateful.
January 18, 2010.

The immoboliser disables starter motor function on this vehicle. Check it is off !

Dave H
Mar 16, 2010.