2002 Mercury Villager

Engine Mechanical problem
2002 Mercury Villager 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 122, 00 miles

Local firestone facility has recommended that I replace engine gasket, rear main bearing seal set, oil pan set, replace main bearing oil seal and replace engine oil pan and or gasket for approximately $1,000.00. I have no visible evidence of oil on garage floor. They have noticed oil buildup on block. I am of the opinion to at least wait until I have visible evidence of oil dripping and recognize that sooner or later I will have to replace these parts but would prefer to wait. What do you think? I believe that this is a 6 cylinder but could be wrong;
Mark Dama
March 7, 2008.

Seals will " sweat" a small amount like you say just to keep themselves from burning up. If it anit broke, dont fix it, If there are no visible leaks, and it isnt causing a situation where you are having to add oil, then I would wait til it does leak before fixing it. But when you do, the trans has to come out, that is why it is so expensive

Mar 8, 2008.