Mercury Topaz

I have a 1990 mercury topaz with 120k and is a v4. When I first got it, it ran like new but its been a couple months now and ive noticed that I have trouble going up hills. Also when I start driving to fast the car will start to shake and almost feel like it is about to fall apart. One more thing my car is burning heavy oil, like I go through a bottle a day and I even tho it looks like its not leaking when I lift up the hood its all over the top of the hood and all over the wires and engine. Thanks.
May 17, 2007.

Then the oil isn't burning it's being blown out of the engine because a seal isn't doing it's job. Check you filler neck and dipstick. The power loss uphill could be a fuel (pressure) problem. Shaking. Same problem. Fuel starved!

May 18, 2007.
Ok so what can I do to increase fuel pressure and is it something that I could do myself or I would have to take to a mechanic and as for the oil if this helps, when I rev my car it blows black smoke out the exhaust could that possibly be the problem aswell if so please give suggestions. Thanks.

May 18, 2007.