2004 Mercury Sable

Noises problem
2004 Mercury Sable 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 76,000 miles

Hello my name is Ron and I could really use your expert advice,
I maintain the car however it was purchased used,
So far it wasnt the oil, thats been done,
replaced a large belt and the thing that turns it, I think it is the serpentine and the thing that turns it, thats not it, im tired of buying parts that it is not,
chirping sounds really like a bird, a really loud chirping not blocked out by radio or heat, and chirps at start up and continues with these on or off,
Can you give me an idea, I am tired of purchasing unneeded things, although I am always up on my oil changes, etc. Thanks so much for pointing me in a direction, the chirp is really bird like sounds, at first my wife thought it was birds, but it doesnt stop, at any time it continues to chirp, moving at start up, etc. All the time. Please Help, Thank you, Ron
November 21, 2008.

I got the same problem
I got to hear that this might be related to Camshaft position sensor synchronizer.
I haven't replaced it yet.
Let me know your results.

Dec 18, 2008.