1998 Mercury Sable

Hi my 1998 Mercury Sable GS stalls within a few seconds of turning on. It starts up just fine but unfortunately it will die if I dont put it in to drive right away and start going or step on the gas to rev it. It can stall up to 4 times usually before I can get it moving. Also when I step on the gas it will acclerate really slowly and sometimes if I stop at a red light it will stall out and die. I havent had it checked yet because a friend told me about some fuel injection cleaner that I can get and I was wandering if that would be a good thing to try or if that would be a waste of time.
August 29, 2006.

I'm having the same problem, actually mine eventually brought up the service engine light and told me it was a camshaft position sensor circuit error

Oct 25, 2006.