1970 Mercury Montego

Engine Performance problem
1970 Mercury Montego V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 117000 miles

It's a 70 cyclone, the performance model of the montego. I have a miss as throttle is added. The carb has been rebuilt, float levels are good. New plugs, wired, cap, rotor, points and condenser. I installed electronic egnition and that didn't help so I put the points and condenser back in. I've played with float level thinking I was running bordering on flooding because when idling if I shoot carb cleaner in the butterfly, it bogs down. Idle is fine. I have replaced fuel filter going into the carb and added one inline before that because of varnish plugging the auxillary needle. Its a 429 with an autolite 4300 carb. Any ideas? Haven't checked fuel pump pressure but when cranking, plenty of clear-of -debris fuel fills a mason jar. Please help
May 31, 2010.

Blow the fuel line back to the fuel tank and also check the carb's accelerator pump circuit might not be functioning and also test the fuel pressure

May 31, 2010.