2003 Mercury Marquis

Noises problem
2003 Mercury Marquis 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 57000 miles

The car recently started to " whine" when driving and idiling. We have replaced the power steering pump along with the rack and that has not corrected the problem. Any ideas on what this noise is and how to fix? Thanks so much for any advice you can give!
October 30, 2010.

Pull the belt off and spin each pulley by hand feeling for roughness. Rock each pulley for any play.
Especially the idler pulley.
Look for any rust colored dust on any of the areas near a pulley.

How old is the belt?

Does the tension have good tension?

IF nothing,
Use a stethesope and check each pulley listening for a loudest source.

Well belts are all good so we are back to thinking it is still in the power steering. Whines more when I push on the gas. I took the lid off the power steering pump and the liquid was bubbly. Not supposed to do that right? The guy said he put a vacuum on it and got the air out and it has been weeks so it should be worked out by now. Why would it sill be getting air? Any thoughts? Thanks!

Nov 6, 2010.
Some of the Ford products aeriate like that. I have a seen a few that we have had to do. Of all the manufacturers, they tend to have a noisier system. A system may be a little bubbly. This may not be
be the source.

Having said that, did you use a stethescope as I suggested?

IF you use a long prybar or similiar you can put your ear on the handle and use the tip to touch areas to hear where the significant noise is coming from.

Ford Idler pullies are common. The pump increases the tension causing the worn pully to whine.