1992 Mercury Marquis

Engine Performance problem
1992 Mercury Marquis V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 82000 miles

I have noticed several problems related to the MAF like stalling, rough/varying idle, and lack of power. I replaced the MAF and it did not fix the problem. I had a friend put it on a scanner and it read a 0.00v for the MAF and showed both O2 sensors were rich. I'm guessing that there is a wiring problem somewhere, but none is visible from the connector all the way to where I lose the wires in the harness. Is there anyway to bypass the MAF temporarily until I can afford to have a service center fix the problem? Simply unplugging it makes the idle fine, but driving, the RPMs are very sporatic. Any tips here, fellas? Note: I have already changed plugs, wires, air filter and PCV valve.
August 21, 2009.

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