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2001 Mercedes Benz Engine Size unknown Two Wheel Drive Manual 106000 miles

I left my interior light on over 4 days and needed a jump start. A Car park security man used a portable jump start pack but put the leads on the wrong way round.
After switching the leads over and it still not working he told me I then had to call out the RAC.
Subsequently the fuse for my power steering is faulty (it does not cut off when I switch the engine off)
In your experience do you feel this is due to the leads being out on the wrong way round?
Also when I spoke to security they said that because the start up pack is only 12v it wouldn't have harmed it? Is this true?
December 3, 2007.

That can very well blow fuses and damage wiring, Especially since your battery was dead. Those jumper packs tend to have a little more amp put out to start a dead car than just a regular battery

Dec 3, 2007.