2001 Mercedes Benz ML320

Transmission problem
2001 Mercedes Benz ML320 140000 miles

When should the carrier bearing be replaced on a Mercedes ML320? I have been hearing a whining noise that is variable with speed and the dealer says the carrier bearing is bad. Could a minor impact to the rear bumper have caused the issue? I was recently rear-ended but the damage was very minor.
January 22, 2009.

I have forwarded you to our resident M/B expert, please be patient

Jan 22, 2009.
There is really no set replacement time for the carrier bearing. I have seen these go out on ML's. The issues I have run into with carrier bearings on this model are usually attributed to failing flex disks (flex disks replace u joints on MB vehicles) which cause excessive driveshaft movement. Also bearings do go bad from time to time and at 140000 miles it may just be time to replace it. As for the accident causing this, if the accident were as minor as you say then I really don't think it would cause damage to the carrier bearing. If however it were a stonger accident that caused damage to the frame or drive shaft then absolutely it could affect the carrier bearing. Also when you have this repaired I would suggest having them inspect your flex disks as well. Cracked and worn flex disks may be what caused the failure in the first place. If you have any other questions please let me know. Thank you for your donation!

Jan 22, 2009.