1995 Mercedes Benz E500

Air Conditioning problem
1995 Mercedes Benz E500 V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 227651 miles

I have replaced the MONO A Valve, When you select Auto Air Conditioning rotate the Temperature Dial to absolute cold, the Center of the Dash has two ports that blow cool air. The Vents on each side of the dash Produces Hot Air! If I close the two side vents the Center Vents still produce cool air not Frigid Air like it is supposed to do. (Refrig Coolant R 134A) Measured the pressures from the A/C Unit they measure 35 Low side and just over 300+ on the high side. Temperature on the inside Two Major Blowing Vents is 84 degrees Fahrenheit coming out of the Middle Vents. Where do I start? What is next? I'm all out of ideas! Sid.
Sidney Thacker
June 5, 2010.

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