1983 Mercedes Benz 500sel

Engine Performance problem
1983 Mercedes Benz 500sel V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 238000 miles

I had this car shipped from Cali. Last February. This is a gray market car. Mercedes didn't make this car for the U.S. Til 1984. I have replaced most of the tune up parts, the car starts and runs extremely well, no noises from engine, even after sitting for over a month at a time but my problem comes when I hit the accelerator, I get black soot from the exhaust and no matter how long I run the car the soot billows out the tailpipe when I hit the accelerator. I even replaced most of the vacuum lines thinking that I had a leak and replaced the air filter, timing is spot on and their isn't any hesitation upon acceration? Very confused, I need to remedy this problem to be able to do the emissions isnpection. Can you help?
December 29, 2008.

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