1991 Mercedes Benz 420sel

Brakes problem
1991 Mercedes Benz 420sel V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 310000 miles

I went to my car one day and started it. Brake fluid was coming from a rusty brake line. I called a wrecker and took it to my mechanic. He informed me that the brakes had locked up. Well he never worked on my car and told me I would be better off scrapping it. Since then I have replaced the rusted brake line, I also replaced two very old brake hoses and one brake caliper. Now that I have completed all that work. I learned that abs systems should not lock any of the wheels. My problem is that I have been working for several days to remove the air from the system to no avail. I have pumped and pumped away, I have opened the bleeder valves and gravity has not helped, I have removed the calipers and turned them up side down, I have used and vacuum pump and I still can not get the brake fluid to flow. Can you help?
May 12, 2010.

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