1989 Mercedes Benz 420sel

Brakes problem
1989 Mercedes Benz 420sel V8 Two Wheel Drive Automatic 147000 miles

My 1989 420SEL M/B has a brake fluid leak on one of the front calipers.
1. Can I get by with replacing the leaking caliper, or will I need to replace both front calipers at the same time?
2. Do I need to " prime" the caliper before installing or can I just simply bleed until all the air is gone?
3. Any special tools, like a suction pump to bleed the system?
Charles crabill
April 30, 2010.

You can replace just the faulty caliper. Bleed the system after installing it. You can manually bleed the system, no need for pressure pump.

Apr 30, 2010.