1985 Mercedes Benz 300td

1985 Mercedes Benz 300td Two Wheel Drive Automatic 168000 miles


My turbo diesel is a strong running car with relatively low miles. Just last week I was on the highway cruising at 75 near 3200 RPM's. I felt a studder in the gas and a choking feeling as the car was not receiving fuel. The car began to slow down and putter but then it sped up again and regained normal functioning. I thought perhaps bad diesel and filled her up. The car ran fine for a week and is now doing the same thing. The car stalled twice but has not completely broken down. When I put the car in neutral I have no problem getting rpms. I drove to work this morning and the same thing happened. I dont understand why this is happening. Can you offer some advice?
June 16, 2010.

When is the last time you replace the primary and secondary fuel filters?

Dr Loot
Jul 19, 2010.