1984 Mercedes Benz 300td

Suspension problem
1984 Mercedes Benz 300td Two Wheel Drive Automatic 230000 miles

I need a better way of removing the defective radial sealing ring on the pump for the rear load leveling system than the one in the official MB shop manual. They show using a screw driver to pry out this seal which will result in 1. Damage to the aluminum casting which holds the seal and 2. Does not extract the seal along it's path of insertion This seal requires a special driver tool to press this seal into the casting and so does fit quite snugly. Any ideas?
June 5, 2009.

I understand your concern, it does seem a bit clumsy to extract the seal in such a barbaric way, however, if care is taken then this method is acceptable and will extract the seal without damage to the pump or the area where the seal sits. Unfortunately I don't know of a specific tool to perform this operation, MBZ, BMW and other German car makers all use parts from the same suppliers and get their repair methods from the manufacturers for those supplied items.

Dr. Hagerty
Jun 6, 2009.