1990 Mercedes Benz 300e

Engine Mechanical problem
1990 Mercedes Benz 300e 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 158.25 miles

The rear muffler broke loose from one of the suspension points and torqued, breaking off the exhaust pipe on inlet side. I need a new muffler and my mechanic's price for the part (from his supplier) is $480.

Searching on the web, I see ANSA mufflers for my model at a more reasonable $158. Are these OK to use? They claim back pressure etc. Are the same.
July 4, 2009.

If it is an OE replacement, then Im sure it will perform just as good as the original.M/B doesnt actually make mufflers, the one you have now may even be an Ansa, you never know

Jul 10, 2009.
This time have your mechanic drill a small hole in the rear of the muffler, so the condensation can drain out and not rust your exhaust again.

Dr Loot
Nov 28, 2009.