1997 Mercedes Benz 300d

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1997 Mercedes Benz 300d Front Wheel Drive Automatic 150, 00 miles

hey guys. I am huge fan of your webite. Its very informative and full of information. So I felt like you guys could probally help with my problem. Ok, I have a 97 mecedes E300D and I am trying to change out the water pump. The only problem I have is this god forsakken fan clutch. How do you get it off? I mean is there a special tool for it? If so what would I be. I went to the autozone to rent a fan clutch wrench but I really didnt know what to do with it and honsetly it didnt seem to fit on anything in regards to the fan clutch. If there is a tool how do yu use it. What does it attach to where do you fet it from. Heck can it be removed please help.A
December 6, 2009.

Hello and thanks for the donation and compliment!

Below are the 3 types of fan clutches that were used in the 1997 300 series motors. You should be able to match up the picture with your motor then follow its replacement steps to learn how to remove and replace your viscous fan clutch.

Wanted to know does the fan clutch for a 1997 mercedes E300D have a reverse thread. If not is it right threaded or left. I am having a hard time trying to get it off and I ould like to know which way I need to go without strippeing the threads if I havent already done so.

Dec 12, 2009.
Hi playere,

There are 2 diffferent designs for the clutch fan holding nut and one is right and the other is left threaded.

For the nut that is in front of the fan clutch, it is left threaded. If the nut is behind the fan clutch it is right threaded.

For both, loosening is by turning the nut clockwise. If the holding tools do not work well, use a common ( open end ) spanner and tap the spanner clockwise with a hammer to release.

Hope this helps.

Have a nice day.

Dec 12, 2009.
So I turn clockwise. Ok cool. But as I looked at the allen head bolt( the that they use for fan clutch bolt) I see that it may have been stripped. Is it possible I may use jb weld on the allen head to try to get it out. Since I have to replace the bolt anyway. Any advice would help

Dec 13, 2009.
Try using a pair of Vise Grip on the outside of the allen bolts to remove them.

Dr Loot
Dec 14, 2009.