1984 Mercedes Benz 300d

Engine Mechanical problem
1984 Mercedes Benz 300d Two Wheel Drive Automatic 350000 miles

My turbodiesel 5 cylinder engine has been burning oil and smoking pretty excessively as of late. It smokes more as the engine warms up (which is no surprise, because the oil is less viscous), and if I give it full throttle it will emit a huge smoke cloud (I'm talking James Bond smoke screen) once it gets to high rpm. The huge smoke cloud only lasts about 1 second, and will only do it once, although smoke still comes out of my exhaust (just not James Bond style). The engine power also increases 25-35% after the large smoke cloud. It almost seems that oil is somehow getting sucking into my air intake, is this possible? There is oil residue on the inside of the tube leading to the air filter, and there is plenty of oil residue in the air filter compartment. Is there any relatively cheap fix for this?
August 20, 2009.

Hi there,

I would say that the turbo seal has failed, this is a specialist repair, don't attempt to do this your self or let a general mechanic pull it apart and try and replace the seal, get a turbo shop to do this or you will destroy it.

Mark (mhpautos)

Aug 20, 2009.
You know, that's kinda what I was leaning towards, but I didn't know that it could make it smoke THAT much. Thanks for the feedback : )

Aug 20, 2009.