1991 Mercedes Benz 300ce

Engine Performance problem
1991 Mercedes Benz 300ce 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 74691 miles

how to replace air pump and new fan belt
May 24, 2010.

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Start the air pump removal by removing the air conditioner & power steering belt. This belt has to be removed because the air pump belt is inside the air conditioning belt. There's a tension adjuster that will allow you to loosen the air conditioning belt. Then loosen the alternator bolts and loosen the alternator belt tension adjuster to remove the air pump belt. Disconnect the air pump electrical connector (clutch control) located on top of the air pump. The air pump is held in place with three bolts. One on top one on the water pump side down low and one on an adjuster bracket. Remove the bolts and then pull back the air pump air pipe clamps and pull them loose and remove the air pump.

May 25, 2010.