1980 Mercedes Benz 300cd

Air Conditioning problem
1980 Mercedes Benz 300cd 6 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 212000 miles

I have a small leak in my AC system.
Is it harmful or not advised to put a sealant into the system.
I have put die into the system, but cannot find the leak.
Is it possible to have a leak inside the compressor and not be able to see the leak?
Thank you in advance for your advice.
May 12, 2009.

It is then possible to have an internal leak in the compressor, but it is possible to have a leak under your dash, have you take your car to a competent A/C repair shop? I do not suggest to put stop leak in your system, as you may have to flush it out If it does not work, I suggest you take it to an A/C shop and have them try to diagnose it.

Dr Loot
May 18, 2009.