1978 Mercedes Benz 240d

Electrical problem
1978 Mercedes Benz 240d Front Wheel Drive Automatic 240000 miles

I recently purchased a Mercedes 240D 1978. It has the whole enigine won't shut-off problem and some other vacuum problems because oil got in the system and blew some of the line attachments. I have located most of the leaks. Except I can not find where the oil leaked in from. I did have a pan leak so I'm assuming one of the tubes in that area has a leak and just vacuumed in some of the oil. Unfortunately I can't find any leaks that would do that. So I was wondering if there is another place oil could get into the lines? Thank you for any and all help.
December 27, 2009.

The oil leak is coming internally from the vacuum pump that is on the left side of the engine contact your local European parts store and get a kit to rebuild it.

Dr Loot
Feb 26, 2010.