1993 Mercedes Benz 190e

Engine Mechanical problem
1993 Mercedes Benz 190e 4 cyl Two Wheel Drive Automatic 18500 miles

Where is my fuel filter located in my 1993 Mercedes 190e? It is a UK spec car if that makes any difference.
March 20, 2009.

The fuel filter is located underneath the car, directly between the back seat doors; however, if you are jacking-up your car, it is much easier to reach it by using the drivers side.

Once you have the car leveraged, you will notice a cover/panel (note: the older the model, the more it will look like it is part of the car) with at lease two (2) screws (+/- 10/11 MM) holding the cover/panel in its place.

After you have removed the two (2) screws, the cover/panel will hang down - underneath is fuel filter and fuel pump and you will need a 14 MM open-ended wrench to remove the filter.

When removing, please be cautious, the filter will have excess gas left in it and it will spill.

Mar 21, 2009.