1984 Mercedes Benz 190d

1984 Mercedes Benz 190d Automatic 180, 00 miles

84 190 D/ignition switch positions not well defined worked before but now wont turn./I washed engine (running) & unknowingly fractured a vacume T going to the brake booster/car would not turn off/ignition key would come out but remained running/Popped hood, found fracture & held it together & instantly shut off/then. The failing ignition lock froze along with steering wheel, but stick shift is free. I ordered a new ignition switch & cover but the shop is 50 miles & I'm short on $. Because the key won't turn in the ACC position, nobody round here can change it out. I found a locksmith for $200 Am I on the right track? Could the key not function due to something other than a damaged lock cylinder? What are my options?
April 17, 2009.

You posted your message twice, I believe I already answered it.

Dr Loot
May 10, 2009.