1991 Mazda Truck

Engine Performance problem
1991 Mazda Truck 4 cyl Four Wheel Drive Automatic 125000 miles

1991 Mazda 4x4 b2600i, 2.6 engin. This truck will crank and run for a few secondes and starts to run slugish and will die. But it may run good ! For a while. I have had the computer remaned. I think it is a sensor prob. But dont know where to start. While driveing, I can pat the footfeed peddel and keep it running, just enough to keep it moveing
I have put a fuel pressure guadge on it and it holds 35psi. Doesent seeme to be fluding, the exaust pipe is clean.
August 29, 2008.

It soulds like your pcm may still be having problems.
Depending on who did the reman it may still be having problems.
Most of the people offering to reman these units really do not have the ability to fix most of the serious problems and are unable to test before releasing the pcm.
If we can help let us know
techsupport@car-computers. Com

Oct 8, 2008.