2003 Mazda Tribute

Engine Performance problem
2003 Mazda Tribute 6 cyl Front Wheel Drive Automatic 95,000 miles

my wife called me 4 hrs from home said the cars running rough and im not stopping so when she got home last night I get in the car and its running very rough and sounds like theres a hole some where and I can smell fumes and the light that looks like a engine is lit and it blinks on and off so I wait till today and open the hood and there it is theres a piece of the egr valve cracked off. So I get a new one put it on and its better but still a little rough idle and the ligt is still on and it goes on and off what else do I have to do do I have to wait and see if the computer cleares it self some one says it has to do a cold cycle 3 times to clear it self back is that true its 80% back but u can feel it rocking a bit can any one help me thansk
June 21, 2009.

If you scan for the codes, it may help to guide you in what else to look for.

Jun 21, 2009.