1988 Mazda RX7

I have recently purchased a 1988 Mazda RX7 SE. It has 117000 miles on it. The recent owner thought it had a fuel problem so he replaced the fuel pumps, fuel rails, fuel filter, etc. Problem is the back 2 plugs don't get fire, and in order to pick up speed, you havta shift @ 6500-7000 RPMS. He also thought it was the Catalytic converter so it's been cut off. I thought it was compression, but everyone tells me I wouldnt be able to do donuts and power brake it. Nobody around here knows anything about them, and I am on a tight budget to save for school. Please help me. I greatly appreciate any help anybody can give me. Thanx. -NICk
The seventh sign
December 26, 2006.

Are all the plugs and wires firing? I highly dought that the previous owner replaced the injectors (all four of them at $100's each).

I would preferma compression test on it before you go any further. Make sure that you have a trained ROTARY tech work on it, or someone who knows how to do a compression test on a 13B

Cosmo. Mazda Tech

Dec 26, 2006.